How to Paint Out Objects From a sScene

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I know there is an old tutorial about it { but I didnt quite get it, is this possible using ONLY HItfilm (Pro 14.2)??

And if so could anyone please explain it to me?

And if its not so what other software do I need to do this?



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    You haven't mentioned WHICH tutorial you've seen or shown a link.

    You haven't told us WHAT you want to paint out of what kind of footage.

    So you haven't given us enough information to answer the question.

    It's certainly possible to "paint out objects" entirely within Hitfilm, but it depends on the shot.

    Here's a Film Sensei tutorial from two days ago. Removing his eyebrow by "painting it out" in Hitfilm. This shows one possible example and one possible method. Otherwise there are a couple of other options to try within Hitfilm. Else, EBSynth (Free) ould be used to paint out objects as well as After Effects, Mocha Pro and many other options.

    Beyond that we need a better question.

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    @ohhthatsme Possible, yes, but it will require a clean plate of the scene including the camera motion.  You would simply mask around the object you want to remove and then use the clean plate underneath that layer to fill in the holes. Now, even without motion footage it can be done using still images from multiple angles, but it will require tracking the footage so they can be parented to it.  Very tedious unless it is a steady, locked down tripod shot, but someone else may know a better method.

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    Thats the tutorial I was talking about, I want to do something similar and thought that if I'd get this I'll be able to do what I want (The effect I want to do Is removing a person from a scene where his standing in an alley  and the camera spins around him as he appears)

    BTW I dont have a clean plate but i do have a couple of photos from similar angles.

    Thanks a lot!!!