Why Can't you add effects to "3d unrolled"?

Probably mentioned before but... 


It would be nice to add effects to 3d unrolled 3d objects.. For example when trying to add noise to a certain 3d model to match the background, instead I have to stick with 3d plane for now.. 






  • NormanPCN
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    Effects operate on pixels (in 2D)_. When unrolled the 3D objects have not been rendered (to a 2D image) so effects cannot operate on them.

  • Triem23
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    To expand on what Norman writes.

    The particle simulator and 3D models are calculated in 3D Space. If the layer is in 2D (or 3D plane) mode then particle/model is immediately rendered (drawn on) to the frame and passed to effects. The 3D plane is then moved in 3D space. This means the particles/models are actually 2D renders on a plane. This is why particle sims and models in 2D space composite in layer order, not z-space position.

    In 3D unrolled mode, the particles and models are calculated but are NOT rendered until Hitfilm either hits a fully 2D photo/video/grade layer above the model/particle layers (or the top of the layer stack). Since Hitfilm renders layers from bottom to top, delaying the render means the objects correctly occlude in 3D space, but CANNOT have effects added, since, by the time the objects are rendered, Hitfilm has "closed" the layer.

    You need to be looking at the Depth Layer options in a model/particle layer's properties. Using Depth Layer you can select one layer BELOW the selected layer which is taken into account before rendering the layer. Let me illustrate with the following two layers

    • Layer: MODEL TWO
    • Layer: MODEL ONE

    Model Two is above Model One in the Layer Stack. By going into Model Two's Layer and selecting Model One as the Depth Layer, then Model One and Model Two will always properly occlude each other while remaining in a 2D blend mode, thus, still being able to add effects.

    Depth layer is Pro Only, but I think you're in Pro.

  • iamkhanproductions
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    No, I'm in express, with 3d package addon.. 


    Thanks guys.. 

  • Triem23
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    Ah, then you won't have Depth Layer, Depth Mask or Depth Matte as those are Pro-Only features.

  • iamkhanproductions
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