How to get procedural effects?

Hello Everyone.

I am using HitFilm for a while already, and am pretty happy with standard effects and transitions. Sometimes though I see a need to apply some effect or animate property in more precedural way. For instance if I want a video strip to blink very fast for a while. Is there a tool or approach to control animation or effects in such manner efficiently? And, in perfect case, to control frequecy of the blink with option to animate it? (for instance - need blinking video for 10 seconds, where at the biginning it blinks twise a second, and at the end blinks 10 times per second).

Thanks in advance for help..


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    @JoacutezefSroczyski There is a Flicker effect  that does have key frame options.  I've only played with it once a few years back so I don't recall if it will do the exact timing you mention.

    Here is the example I did about 4 years ago:

    Edit:  Found the old project file and found that the Flicker effect is not what I used in the example.  I put a black plane over the clip and key framed the opacity of it to get this effect.  The Flicker effect did not let you key frame the frequency of the flicker which is why I did it differently.

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    OK, so flicker effect is interesting one, lot's could be done with it, but still not exactly what I am looking for. To be precise I am looking to make transition between two strips, where one is starts to slowly turn on an off, showing other one when off - and after a while finally going fully off. This effect can be seen very often in action movie trailers or action montages from extreme sports events. Flicker doesn't seem to work here, as it does not operate on alpha, just brightness or colors.

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    So like stated above.  The flicker effect can do what you are asking.  doing it efficiently is a bit more tricky, but once you have the key frames all set you can copy paste that effect to other clips if you want to do the same transition.  I would turn the randomness all the way down so you can control the speed of the blink more precisely.  Then I would overlay the two tracks and have the one on top keyframed to have to opacity reach zero by the time you want the transition to end.  This may be able to be done easier on the editing timeline, I dunno if you can just move composite shots into each other and create an automatic crossfade or not.  But if you can't the method above will result in the same effect.  You could also have the clip that is being faded in start with the same blink effect at full speed then stop completely by the end of the transition.

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