Best Bit rate?

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Do anyone recommend the best bit rate for MP4? so when you upload to YouTube it doesn't then murder the compression even more


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    Not so much a single "best."

    First, let me toss up some screengrabs from the YouTube trailer for Rogue One.

    On the top two frames of Kemmler's shuttle. Note in one the tail fin is totally removed by the compression. 

    Below, the Death Star. Tons of banding and artifacts. 

    Point being if DISNEY/LUCASFILM can't get a good looking stream, neither can you. 

    You can up the output bitrate. That will help a bit, but you're balancing between larger file size and minimal quality improvements. YouTube's recommended upload setting give bitrates twice what YouTube later streams.  For 1080/30p footage (example) you can raise output bitrate from 14mbps (the template) to 35mbps (a typical encode rate for a DSLR). You'll more than double your filesize and upload time, but your final encode won't look much better. 

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    Ah fair dos, damm you youtube! I do wonder though If Disney uploaded Mp4 or Mov or even compressed the trailer size before they even uploading it? I suppose once YouTube has it that it  has the final say lol


    Thanks for replying there

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