Multiple video tracks each in their separate window?

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I'm recording from multiple camera angles at the same time to cut between them during editing. It's a bit hard to see what is going on in each video when just looking at the timeline. I was wondering if it is possible to get a larger view of each video in its own window (i.e. not the main output window).



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    @Phero Probably your best bet is to change Preview Mode to Full. That will put thumbnails of your video all along the timeline."preview+mode"

    There is a trade off in that having all thumbnails can slow down system response.

    Another option is to right click on the track and select "Open in Trimmer".  That will let you scroll through the clip to find the action point you are looking for. 

    As long as you have laid out your timeline with your clips in, at least a close sync, either method should help.  There have been a lot of requests for  multi-camera support in HF.  I would suggest you add your voice by posting a request on the wish list at the top of the Forum page.

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      Thanks for the response! =)

    I'll try that out and probably also checking out the whishlist.

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