Clip speed control not working as expected in composite shot HF14

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While using a composite created in HitFilm 13 inside a fresh HF14 installation I noticed something weird which I'll now try to explain.

The composite is my channel intro which uses an MP4 clip as a brush transition effect. The original video is too slow for my tastes, so I sped it up to ~155%. What I'm noticing since the upgrade to HF14 is that the transition video doesn't reach anymore the end of the clip, but instead looks like it was truncated.

I then tried to reimport the whole composite and edit it, but no matter what I try, looks like I'm no more able to speed up that video. So, if the video was 4 seconds long at 100% and I set the speed to 200% (by using the Speed/Duration interface with the two properties linked) what I get is a clip of 2 seconds with the first 1 second playing at 200% and the remaining 1 second standing still at the mid-point frame 

To reproduce/verify:

  1. start a new project
  2. create a new composite shot
  3. add a clip
  4. position the cursor to the end of the clip
  5. select the "rate stretch tool"
  6. squeeze the clip from the beginning toward the end and you'll see the end frame moving forward in the clip sequence

This does not happen outside of the composite shot editing.


I'm running HitFilm Express 14.2.9727.7202




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