Low FPS on Hitfilm Express and other video editors

t4nkrlt4nkrl Website User Posts: 1

Hey there! I use a 180hz monitor and my fps suddenly drops to 10-30 fps just moving my cursor around in Hitfilm Express. Please help, I can't stand it!!!


  • NormanPCNNormanPCN Website User Posts: 3,945 Enthusiast

    Apparently you have a frame counter running on your machine. Since Hitfilm uses OpenGL for some of its work the frame counter becomes active. The frame counter is irrelevant to Hitfilm. It is about games and VR type apps. Hitfilm is not one of those apps.

    If an app only needs to update the display 10 times in a second then that is what it will do and a frame counter will register this. The number may or may not be meaningful with apps like Hitfilm. The may not comes from the fact that Hitfilm is not always using the 3D OpenGL display functions for a lot of things. Those updates will not register with a frame counter app.

    Just because your monitor is 180Hz does mean an app is forced to update the display at that rate. Heck, it may update it faster than that rate. The rate is just the rate at which the monitor is updated from the video card frame buffer. Nothing else.

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