astral project effect, with falling through ground

I believe I know how to work out this effect, I just wanted to verify it would work. The scene is, the character dies, falls down, the camera follows him, and when he hits the ground, his soul comes out, and breaks the “soul version” of the floor, and his soul falls all the way down, and lands back in his body, right where he was when he fell. I’m sorry if I didn’t describe it great. The way I would do it, greenscreen the person falling, add it to the background, and use an image of the entire room to show him falling and landing, when his soul comes out, I would lower opacity and add a glow, and light flares, then use an actual shot of the actor in the ground, when the soul lands, mask the soul, the actor wake s and stands. The only trouble I have is the actual ground breaking effect. Would this work?