Jumanji Vortex effect

How can I make an effect like jumanji where the character should are sucked inside of the game?



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    @TheFloosh I did something similar but not as directed in a single direction where I was sitting on the couch and pressed a button on the remote and exploded into particles.  For that I exported the last frame of me sitting on the couch and masked around me, applied effects to that image and superimposed it over a clean plate of the empty couch.  The switch to the PNG of me and the particles was so quick you couldn't see it freeze.  For the example shot, I would shoot the people against a green screen and use a clean plate of the background behind them.  It would be so much easier that way.  When I get home this evening I will look up that old project file and be able to tell what effects I used exactly if you need it.

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     Pro or Express? 

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    Well, the Jumanji disintegration is almost exactly the same thing as the "Infinity War" dissolve, without additional dust. 

    So I think @FilmSensei and I have you covered. 

    Now, one change you'll make is the trajectory settings. Instead of a cone trajectory you'll use target. Target aims the particles towards a point, so that will aim all the particles towards the "gate."

    Give those a watch, then come back for any more questions. 

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    Ok thank you. Should I add an extra glow effect, or something to make it appear more energy like?