hitfilm says the assets is offline although it is not

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Dear FX team,

The VFX clips I have in my timeline are all online and working fine. They are all well-linked. However, when I start the export, hitfilm gives me the warning that says: "The assets is offline and will not be rendered". Everything else is being exported other than these VFX clips.

I used VFX clips as layers many times and this never happened before and I dont know how to resolve it.

Help, please.




  • My FX dont open message  : no have openCL.dll , How y make ???

    I reinstalling 4 times and not solution...

    Please help me



  • TheBenNorris
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    @paulocardial this is a completely different issue and unrelated to this. There are numerous threads discussing this specific thread on the forum. In future please refrain from posting on unrelated threads. The solution to your problem is to reinstall/install the most recent graphics driver for your GPU.

    @FXhomer257866 By VFX clips do you mean media assets? Where are the files you are using stored? On an online folder of some kind perhaps?