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The whole team here at FXhome are now working from home, so we're in the same boat as a lot of you during this strange time. We've been sharing our workstations between us (as it's nice to know where people are talking from) and I figured - I want to know about you guys!

So, whether you've got a massive gaming rig, or you're using a laptop on your sofa - whether you've got a furry animal companion or a lot of desk buddies, or you're like my brother and are using an ironing board for lack of a desk - I want to see what you're workin' with.

Pics or videos (with no identifying info) please! Best way to upload a picture is through imgur - go here: and upload your picture. Once it's uploaded, refresh the site and hover over it to copy the link. Then simply link it in your post!

Here's mine:

(looks much cooler at night with the ol' lava lamp)

Think I've got enough plantlife to keep me sane for a while, but hopefully will be adding more desk decoration over the next few weeks!



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