Keyframing image size based on audio?

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I want to make a video where images of the person speaking increase and decrease in size as the person speaks to show the loudness of the person, etc. I've seen a couple questions asking if it is possible to use audio to make images bigger or smaller, sort of like a music visualizer. However it seems like there is no easy way to do that so my solution is to use the audio spectrum effect and track that linear movement to keyframe the image's size. Is this possible at all, if so, is it the best solution to the problem?


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    Your method is a clever way to get a consistent scale factor. I applaud the creativity. It's a workaround that also is viable if you haven't purchased the relevant add-on pack, too, since you're not rendering the audio spectrum. 

    So, your only automated option is Atomic Particles. You'll need to fiddle with settings a bit, but Atomic also reacts to audio. 

    The settings you'll need to experiment with are Number of Particles and Particle Size as well as Displacement (also the Fractal settings to try and make Displacement even). 

    You'll be able to use audio to drive Displacement, which will spread the particles out. You'll also use the audio to drive Particle Size to prevent gaps in the array. Number of particles you'll be adjusting as well to try and keep particle size small. 

    Not entirely certain how well this will work - I'm speaking off theory and knowing what Atomic Particles can do. But, as I said, it's the only thing in Hitfilm that might do what you want.


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