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When I open HF, I have a white interface. How to change to black or gray 


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    Hi there, the interface should either be grey or black.

    Are you able to use any of the features of the program?

    Please can you list your system specs

    Please send us in a support ticket if you wish

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    File -> Options -> Interface

    If you're unable to see Dark, then you have to pay $9 to unlock it as their greed reached a new level with Express 14.

    That is assuming you can't see Dark on a activated account. Previous users of HitFilm Express 2017+ will have access to it "for free".


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    Let me "take off" my Mod hat for a second and be very clear this is my own opinion as a user. 

    @CNK Wow, really? Did you notice that FXHOME recently dropped the prices of all the add-on packs AND started giving revenue from add-on packs to charity? While I happen to disagree with making Dark Mode dependant on a paid feature, "greed" isn't the motivation here. That was totally uncalled for.

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    "Did you notice that FXHOME recently dropped the prices of all the add-on packs AND started giving revenue from add-on packs to charity?"

    Yes but two good doesn't undo something as bad as this. I give credit where it's due, charity is fantastic to see, lowered price on packs - also fantastic to see.

    "While I happen to disagree with making Dark Mode"

    That's all that really needs to be said, as passive agressive as that sounds, hear me out.

    From a marketing perspective, the reason dark mode is included with that $9 tier is because the packs help sweeten the deal, so if a user is 70% of the way there to purchase, and if morals are non existent, then those added packs take the user to 100% and a purchase. This is assuming morals of these users aren't in the right place, or they don't care about dark mode, which is completely fair, because not everyone prefers to work in Dark Mode, but that base will always remain minority, as it's highly dependant on preference, room lighting, monitor's ability to display brightness that won't flashbang you, etc.

    To not leave out the page itself:

    Not only does these emoji's and cost not line up with half of the packs, but they're also telling users that FXhome wants you to know that they want you to feel bad for downloading Express for free. And I bet their excuse will be that oh it's just charity - nonsense. Either extreme lack of marketing knowledge or straight lying to us if that was to happen become a real excuse.

    It really doesn't matter to anyone if that is the intent, but that's what it looks like to the end user, and that's the bad part. My opinion will always be that this is greed because everyone and their grandma would understand that not removing dark mode while still introducing charity and pay what you want feature set to Express, would result in a happier user base (the light threads are rapidly closing in on some of the most viewed of all time), and in turn more overall revenue.

    It should be reversed and forgotten about as soon as possible. All while a new UI/UX for that page is released because it's so insulting. I have been a user since 2011 and it still blows me away knowing how well and kindly they have responded in the past. This isn't just a mistake, this is a first attempt at something much worse to come in the future. Luckily it wasn't a full blown success so they have to make adjustments. It's going to be interesting to see which direction they decide to go next. I'm convinced that my assumptions are correct and I'm not looking to fight other users over my opinion or anything. I remain neutral, always.

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    Hi @CNK, I can see that you are very dissatisfied with the design of the Pay what you want option that we offer to our users, and also to the fact that we offer dark mode under the Starter tier of the offer. 

    I've chipped in here and there in other conversations about why we have chosen to introduce dark and light mode, and I can see that (as you're entitled to do) you don't agree - and as you've mentioned that you're convinced that your assumptions are correct, and that you don't want to fight users over it, I won't try to convince you to change your mind. You are entitled to your opinion. 

    I will however say, both as the head of Marketing, and as an employee of FXhome, that greed has never, and will never, drive this company. We make adjustments to our product line only to cover costs of delivering and developing Express for millions of people - a product which remains one of the most powerful pieces of creative software available for free - to turn enough of a profit to provide our employees' long-term security, our ability to deliver on our (also free) customer support service, and to be able to deliver on our next goal - donating a portion of our proceeds to good causes every month. We do all of this to stay autonomous, so that we can continue to provide the amazing software we want to, without needing any cash flow from other, larger companies that might change how we interact with you all. 

    In the interests of our community guidelines (which you can read here) I would like you to ask you to remain respectful in your feedback, rather than shutting down the possibility of a conversation by saying that a disagreement means that my team must be lying or have negative intent. It makes it difficult to respond in any productive way.  

    You've made your opinions clear and please believe me that it's important to us and we're considering it, along with the others that we've seen, when updating the software and the design and content of the PWYW offer in the future. There are inevitably going to be business decisions that we are required to make, which some of our users will not like and we try to get the balance right as much as we possibly can. Thanks for your comment. 

    I will update this thread with any changes that we make to this going forward. 

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    Following the discussion about the color or theme of the interface.
    Between the light and dark theme, I'd like to see a "gray" theme that would be between "Light" and "Dark".

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    @KirstieT Well it's not the first time we lock horns, so to speak. But I definitely have a pretty major language barrier. My intention is still not to automatically be pessimistic or w/e. I'm neutral and I'm expressing my opinion as a user having been part of this journey since 2011~.  I will be more civil moving forward since obviously I see where I've gone wrong. I love FXhome. Maybe too much...

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    I would just like to give my opinion as I am a new user, just today actually of Hitfilm express. I am a new youtuber and I have used a few editing Softwares and have not liked any yet. So I am trying out Hitfilm. I saw that you could donate and in my opinion the slider is perfectly fine. I read that some of the donations went to charity and I thought great, if I like this program and it works for me after trying it out for free, I will definitely donate to this company. Upon opening the software I am greeted with the horrific light mode, looks like something off an old windows 98 office computer. So I checked the forums on how to turn on dark mode and I have read through most and I am baffled at this company. For all of the mods and staff trying to say putting the dark mode behind a paywall is not greed,  calling it a premium feature, is just hands down wrong. This is 100% a method in trying to get people to pay for their product for a simple feature necessary for most PC users today. Also since I am a new user, I cannot get the dark mode for free. Real smart to screw over new customers, great business tactic. People do not donate to a company to get simple features that should be implemented in the first place. People donate because a company made a good product, that works, and allows them to do a hobby they love without being forced to pay an absurd amount of money for a product they will use 2% of the features it offers.

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    I am a new user of HitFilm and I just wanted to try it out, before I decide, what editing software to use. When I installed and activated, it was STILL in DARK mode. Now, I updated and I see a light theme. For me, I just HATE light themes, I have Windows default theme set to dark and almost every single application on my computer is dark too. Because I do not see an option to switch back and don' t want to spend my money on a programme, that I don' t know if I am going to use, I will just switch to another one. It is CLEARLY not a good tactic, to just disappoint new users and make them pay for such a common feature, as dark mode is nowdays. I guess, I just switch to DaVinci Resolve. There is NOTHING that is holding me to HitFilm. I guess see you never .:(

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    Hi all,

    Im a new user of hit film and previously had an older version with the dark background and was really happy and just getting to grips with how it all works.  I haven't purchased any upgrades as my ability and requirements do not currently demand it. There is little doubt that as I got more used to the software I would want to add additional features and would be more than happy to pay the money. Unfortunately the new light background makes the software less user friendly and not good on the eye, which is a problem for us new users as we spend hours staring at screen trying to figure things out, which for most is typically after staring at a screen all day at work...

    Its strange how easy a simple background colour change can make such a difference when using the software but unfortunately for me it has. I think like many other express users who are new to this, and fortunately haven't invested hours upon hours of learning the software, will move elsewhere. It is a shame as it seems great software, but like many others have said its not pleasant to look at or work with... so thats me out.


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    I think that changing the theme is a big mistake.  I have the old licence but I have been recommending Hitfilm to beginners, so I end up seeing the light theme. I'm finding it a lot harder to see keyframe markers for example. It also renders all the online tutorials much harder to follow for a beginner. I'm going to start recommending Da Vinci Resolve instead.

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     My old pc packed up and just re-installed HFE today. I have no option to change to Dark Mode despite having it on my PC for the last 2 years. Am I supposed to have it? I cant use the light theme (even reading the comments on this thread have given me a headache) so am I entitled to the dark theme? Otherwise, how does one "buy" the dark theme after installation?

    p.s. FYI I had only looked at Premiere as an alternative over the last 2 years and rushed back to HFE as quickly as I could as I thought it was far better. This is the first Ive ever heard of Da Vinci Resolve so I have to try it out. Commercially speaking, that cant be great for you guys

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    @saracen "...despite having it on my PC for the last 2 years am I entitled to the dark theme?"  

    It depends entirely on what version of HFE you had installed for 2 years.  If it was HFE 2017 or earlier (4,3,2) then no you are not grandfathered in on the dark mode.  If the version you had was using the new activation model (one serial for all subsequent versions) then yes you should have the option to turn on dark mode under Options.  If you fall into the first category, then the only way I know to get the dark mode is using the Pay-What-You-Want page and get the $9 effects package and re download it.  Now, I am not entirely sure if you can use the same email and account name that has your current version or not, so I will tag someone from corporate to make sure I haven't told you anything in error as I am only a User. @TheBenNorris

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     @tddavis Thanks for the reply. After reading that I removed and re-installed making sure I ran the install procedure properly and i have my dark mode back.

    p.s  Da Vinci Resolve has the worst install procedure ive seen in a while so I didnt go as far as actually evaluating it 

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    I just want to clarify to everyone posting here who had HitFilm Express before January 15th, 2020 - you are indeed entitled to dark mode (Express 14 and older). If you have light mode at the moment, you can reinstall the software and bring your dark mode back. If you need any assistance with this, please send our support team a message.

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    I've reconsidered my original statement. Regardless I still think dark mode should be an option by default.

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    I've had Hitfilm Express 2017 previously but don't have access to dark mode. Is this normal?

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    @BlueMiaou Unfortunately HitFilm Express 2017 uses a different license to HitFilm Express, and is the cutoff point for dark theme eligibility.

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    Not being able to get dark mode with the newest version is a big bummer(free as it is). This looks like a great program to learn, grow into and support .... but my eyes!!  

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