Denoise feature (clean up package)

Hi all, I recently bought the denoise and noise removal package, as the analyse feature really caught my eye, I have seen other denoise utills like neat video.  But the denoise package features really got me. Like the analyse feature. quick and easy to use.

so I have a quick question, when I make an analyse box on my footage, then it gets rid of the noise in an instance, but I see blurry areas that aren't even blurry on the RAW footage. I have seen the quick denoise tutorial on youtube that was made recently.  how large and how small does the analyse box must be to get perfect denoise. cheers


  • triforcefx
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    The way I understand it is you want a fairly large box, but it needs to be in a uniform area.

    Usually a section of wall is good for this purpose, however if that wall is textured (for instance) that texture would also disappear.

    If certain parts of your video are getting blurry, it could mean you’re overdoing it. Try reducing the amount of denoise. If it’s still too noisy for your taste, try stacking multiple smaller denoise effects so you don’t lose detail.

    Some detail may also be regained by adding some sharpness through one of the sharpening effects.

    Remember, if you have a lot of noise in your video (such as a phone video in lower light), you’ll never get it all out without a substantial hit to quality (it will start looking like a “painted” filter). You’ll need to compromise between sharpness and noise removal.


     This tutorial is older, but it goes into much more detail on the denoise tool:

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    @triforcefx thank you very much for the information, I am filming with a DSLR.  I tend to set the iso at 400 or 800. When shooting raw clips.  But I decided to shoot at night at iso 800. I should be going higher but instead I went 800. Because of high iso noise. 

    Thank you for posting the tutorial, I'll keep all that in mind.