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I'm working on a short where I plan to do all editing and sound design work in hitfilm, but I am going to do color correction in resolve. I much prefer the workflow of just get the edit done, and then worry about color correction later. But in order to do this, I need to be able to replace my ungrader proxy file with my graded file while still maintaining all cuts and place characteristics of the proxy clip. Is there a way to simply replace a file in the media panel itself, so that all characteristics are still maintained in the editor timeline and composite shots?



PS. I feel like this should be possible, because when I send hit film project files to another I always have to redesignate the media and all characteristics are maintained. 


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    Ok. Here's the trick. You'll want to grade in RESOLVE but you cannot trim the original media files there. You have to leave all the frames intact. 

    In your Hitfilm media bin, right click on a media file and select "Relink." You can select the graded media file and it will replace the original. (You could also swap in a totally different media file, which is good to know for creating templates). 

    But that's linking every file individually. That's tedious. Can we speed this up? Probably. It depends on how you organized your files. 

    If you're smart all your original files are in a folder tree that's separate from your Project files. So, when you save from Resolve, save to a different folder. Once done in Resolve, change the name of the original folder to something new and change the new folder to the original folder's name. 

    NLEs don't store video, they store pointers to where media is, so by renaming the folders Hitfilm should just find the new files. 

    Let's talk folder structure for a minute. For future reference I recommend a file structure where you have a folder called (say) Source Footage with all clips in SUBFOLDERS of Source Footage. Before your Resolve edit created the folder GRADED FOOTAGE and have identical subfolders as Source Footage. 

    Then, once done in Resolve you only have to change the names of the Source Footage folder (which becomes Source Footage RAW) and the Graded Footage folder (which becomes Source Footage). 

    Then everything is nested properly and Hitfilm should just swap in the graded files without a problem.

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    Thank you so much! Exactly what I needed! 

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