Ocean fly over drone shot illusion

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Hi guys, I watched all tutorials I was able to find on ocean creation and all of them skip to explain WHY are things done, they just tell you "do this do this do this do this". 

I am noticing 2 plugins being used for ocean all the time. Fractal Noise and Caustics. Now I am not sure how to apply any of these two on my personal example.

I essentially want to have something like a drone shot flying over the ocean and then leveling camera angle to the horizon where we see some islands. But the first shot is just ocean itself top down.I was gonna do 3D model of islands and HDRI map environment but ocean can be "top down" picture of the ocean animated to move as camera is flying by and then just rotates on a plane until it's in a different position. I just want to know how do I animate a shot of top down ocean where ocean is 100 percent of the screen shot? I want a plane that will be an ocean and separated fro, the rest of the environment.


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    Did you happen to watch this one?

    As it's creator, I can tell you, it's not just "do this, do this, do this," but does explain all the controls in the Caustics filter and discusses WHAT the fractal noise is generating.

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    Yes I did see that one, it is an  excellent tutorial but it just wasn't on the level that I can follow.It was too fast and vague for someone who is not on a high level of VFX to understand that. Like what do you apply fractal noise to? or caustics. I mean would you usually use a photo, a plane or a 3D object and apply any of those to that ? You know what I mean , that example works on it's own but unless we are replicating exact same scenario it doesn't explain general use of these two as if I just started from scratch. 


    Thank you