Sci Fi Battlefield AE Tutorial - Converting to Hitfilm questions

Hey everyone, 

   Since I am cooped up in doors like a lot of people, I thought it would be a good idea to check in on the forums.  I've been back into acting and filmmaking for a bit now.  I have an idea for a project that is kicking around and than Ryan and the Film Riot guys pretty much made it happen.  I wanted to do something less dramatic and  incorporate a real location as I am trying to keep the project grounded.  Any advice to tackle this?


I want to do a wooded location but was curious for tips to avoid hating life in post... again.  Should I ignore the location I want to use and compose things in 3d?


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    This translates to HitFilm almost 1:1. Maybe not quite as much with the 3D stuff, but the rest of it is almost exactly the same in HitFilm.

    Taking the 3D route would make a good crash course in 3D workflow in HitFilm, but it’s certainly not a requirement.

    Filming a real location would work fine, though the process would likely involve more masking. Best to work with a locked off shot and add camera moves in post if desired.

     As far as filming in a wooded area, remember that every tree is potentially something you have to mask around, especially if it’s in the foreground. Be conscious of where leaves and branches are...  nice tall tree trunks are easy to mask, but thousands of tiny leaves are not.

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    I guess it depends on how important location is to the script? How many actors your have? If you want to be filming greenscreen or on location?

    I don't think @triforcefx knows you've been around here since before me - at least to Hitfilm 2 if not initial release. I don't know how rusty you are on your 3D models in Hitfilm, but, really, that Film Riot tutorial was pretty much beginner level stuff. You could build a 3D forest-type scene in Hitfilm fairly easily. The trick is sourcing good, free tree models, although Turbosquid has THESE.

    Land forms are easy to find... Or basically automatic in Blender since one of the bundled add-on-scripts in Blender is a landscape generator.

    Simon's old HF2U tutorial remains the best overall discussion on importing 3D models into Hitfilm:

    As well as this:

    and these:

    And, this livestream I did with FilmSensei is long, but goes over a lot of workflow and setup tips for Hitfilm.

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    @MichaelJames Also, to add to @Triem23 's link to tree assets, Blender has a bulit-in add-on Sapling Tree Gen that even I had some success with as weak as I am in Blender. (Even weaker in Hitfilm sadly :( )