Creating fog with the Particle Simulator

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Hello everyone,

I currently try to recreate the opening scene from Avatar (Specifically, the part from  this video, beginning at 1:53). So I've already created a landscape (the mountains) and the space shuttle in blender, but I will do the compositing in Hitfilm.

As you can see at ~2:00, there is a lot of fog above the ground, revealing only some of the mountains. I tried to recreate this using the particle simulator. However, I cannot quite get the look from Avatar (where the fog seems to add more depth to te scene).

This is the  original, here's  my version. Then I figured out to make the fog illuminated by the light, adding a material: the emissive color is set to 63  63  63 (some dark grey). It looks like  this, a bit closer to the original. (Of course, the cloud layer and some atmospheric fog is still missing). The original fog seems to have more luminance variation; there are also some darker spots.

Any tips? Thanks in advance!



  • btw the light source is a spot light, giving the scenery its back-lit appereance

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    @Jonas_VFX Check out these two tutorials on creating fog in Blender and see if one of them helps you out. You can create the fog in a scaled up cube and render as a PNG sequence with either a total black background or in cycle a transparent one (I had a lot of issue with fog and fire and transparent bkg in Eevee recently that I never figured out) then import into Hitfilm as a layer over your other assets.  If it occludes too much you can tweak the opacity to get the look you're after, I think. I hope these help you out.

  • @tddavis thanks, I will definitely check it out!