Trouble linking textures to models

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Every time I import a 3D model I have to manually go and find maps for it and that's fine for a really small models but for more complex models (I am importing a pirate ship with ton of textures) its time consuming and also very high chance of me confusing which maps go where.

Is there a way to have HitFilm scan for maps and apply them automatically or what type bake would be required for HitFilm to see model as textured upon Import?

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  • Triem23
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    The solution is simple, but it makes your file folders a little grungy. 

    Wherever you downloaded your models from, the creator most likely put all the textures in a subfolder. Hitfilm won't automatically track the subfolder. 

    But, move all the textures into the same folder as the model geometry and Hitfilm should automatically find them. Should. Sometimes it misses a couple, but that's easier to relink than all.

    For reference, I'll suggest you review this livestream. Sensei and I go through a very detailed discussion on setting up models in Hitfilm focused on "do once, reuse forever." It's long (a tutorial could cut dead space and 15 minutes of "um"), but has much useful information.