"LATER... A coronavirus Tale"

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Hi guys! So I made this very short movie based on true facts!! 

I hope you enjoy it 





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     @RikVargard Funny in a SMH kind of way.  One has to wonder what people hoarding TP plan to do with it all :)

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    @tddavis the same people who don't understand there's no such thing as a "stomach flu" think COVID-19 is dysentery?

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    Humans will be humans. Can't blame them though..one minute we (collectively)  are told not to worry then the next day we're told to stock up on supplies and plan for a 2 week hiatus in your house. It's true...you can't eat toilet paper to survive but you can buy ANYTHING to eat if they are out of the food you like but there is only ONE thing that is used to clean yourself. God forbid I go out smelling like an ass ?

    Short lived event..toilet paper is every where and in the end it'll be something they can share with their great grandkids....like Y2K. 

    In all reality we are part of a panicky world. Where there is panic there is hoarding. It's all about me and mine when it really comes down to it.  Cant survive as a species that way eh?

    Now...I'll be wiping myself clean from this thread. ?

    Thanks for the share Rik 

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    Great video. Some great humour showcasing the current absolute ridiculous situation we are facing .


    I understand the hoarding of supplies but only if it's supplies for 14 days or a month, max. For e.g my dad is going to buy cat food incase he gets really ill and can't leave the house, and if he gets Covid-19, I can't visit him, legally, as the stairway to his door and his apartment would be considered quarantined due to the infected having been moving in that general area and touching things that will never be sanitized so the 14 day rule will apply as well. Perhaps that's different in your countries, don't know.

    The hoarding puts pressure on the suppliers, but my dad has given me some insight on how it is going to work in Northern Sweden until they decide Covid-19 is no longer a huge risk, could be weeks, could be months. Normally on tuesdays, our major stores receive 30 pallets for goods that are commonly sold out before the next shipment (on a weekly basis). So to compensate for the short stock, they're going to be receiving 55 pallets instead. Things won't run out, ever, here during this crisis. Of course it may be different in your countries/areas, but panic buying things can have consequences not known to you. E.g people in need who can't get them, and hoarders of these items have already been receiving very strong punishments by the online sellers. E.g if you buy lots of toilet paper or sanitizers, ebay, amazon, etc will not allow you to sell these goods at above current in-store/market value. Offense means suspension on their service and worst case charged by the state you're in. I've only heard rumors of the latter but it wouldn't surprise me if it was for masks, and true.

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     Thanks for watching, people! :)  

    And yes, with all the movies and series and theories of what could really happen during a pandemic, I would never ever have imagined this situation! Totally crazy! It's kind of hilarious and WTF and crazy all at once...