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So OK, it's the end of the world and everyone is going mad buying toilet rolls, but there are some positives. If you have to self isolate and you don't get it bad or even have it, you get 1-2 weeks to work on some project you have going on or just spend some time learning that software that you really want to play with but never have time.

Or and I am not sure what it is like around the world, but I went to my local Tesco last evening around 9pm and it felt like I was in some sort of post crisis event, the selves had never been so empty. Town centres and shopping malls might become empty, so grab a camera (don't break any rules) and get some stock footage!!

Good luck everyone and stay healthy.


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    You gotta maintain a positive attitude through this crisis. To me it's just another h1n1 that I also caught so very aware of the risks. Sadly it's a waiting game, vaccines are done in some strains according to info from family that works in the medicine and infection facilities here with more global connections. Yet they said nobody has prepared a volunteer sign up yet. I also read in the news that they're very close or are already testing it on animals so we should have a positive outlook on things.

    As of yet in northern sweden, only the disinfectant are out of stock but just temporarily since the warehouses are massive. Were generally good at ensuring nothing runs out and I went shopping yesterday like normal and I couldn't see anything out of stock critical to keeping hands and surfaces clean, but that ought to change since we don't know how bad this one actually is compared to h1n1. 

    Anyways, perform regular cleaning of your devices since if someone has coughed, the bad particles can remain in the air for almost an hour. Stay safe people.

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    Yes, if I get quarentied, I'll learn hitfilms 3d stuff and blender :-)

    Seriously though, by all first hand accounts, the virus is no worse than the flu. The first case came to Alaska  (where I am) a couple days ago, and the way things are going you'd think it was the black plague, and the only thing to save you was tp and pasta.

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    The sad thing is, it won't go away fully ,How many people in the world are they, all it takes is for someone to have it then accidently pass it on again and everything's folds through again.


    Then next year there will be a new one and so on, the media doesn't help with moral panic either like. 

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    Of course nowadays are challenging times. But they also provide an opportunity to be creative about how we meet the varied demands from the different parts of our lives. Our old habits and routines may not work in this situation. So, try something different like CBD
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    Yeah, we had to except new habits and new style of life. As for me, CBD was not new experience but I've tried some THC. It hepls me better with my insomnia.

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