GoPro Max - Getting started?

Would anyone be able to tell me how to open up and start a new project for files from the go pro max? The 360 files do not show up when I go to browse and if I click new, the setting isn't under the select-able options for a new project.


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    Offhand, I'd say you're stuck with the GoPro software.

    Reading this page: shows several things are going on. GoPro has created a new (proprietary?) file format, and is splitting up the video into two streams. This means GoPro has created a camera that is non-compliant with all standard workflow.

    Hitfilm currently has no way of dealing with GoPro's non-standard format. 

    If the included GoPro apps have a way of re-encoding their non-standard video into a standard equirectangular projection, then that's what you'll need to do because for 360-degree video, Hitfilm is working in equirectangular projection. 

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    "GoPro has created a new (proprietary?) file format, and is splitting up the video into two streams"

    It's just an MP4 container. They use a .360 file name extension. Hitfilm tends to depend on the file extension for file type identification.

    Yes, they do have two video streams in the file. Suffice to say I don't think many apps can handle two video streams in a container. VLC, ffmpeg do. VLC plays a GoPro max .360 but it just grabs the first stream which is what I would expect an app to do, generically speaking. You can manually select the second stream. It also does not support the projection in the file it seems. I don't understand exactly how the two streams combine. There appears to be a projection applied in each stream.

    GoPro says they wanted to keep the individual stream frame sizes below that which decoders would handle without choking on them. Thus the two streams due to the potential higher resolutions offered by the max.

    The EAC projection is another sticking point. Maybe the biggest. It's not a common enough thing such that there is support out there. They say that projection technique is more efficient than Equirectangular and that is why they use it.

    As @Triem23 states, if you use the GoPro software and generate a stitched single video stream Equirectangular file then Hitfilm should be good to go. As GoPro states...

    "We still needed to provide users a way to convert these .360 files into standard videos or convert them into the larger equirectangular projection for upload to YouTube or 360 editors, such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. This is now much faster thanks to it being packaged in a stitched EAC format.

    Because of this success, and knowing that Google is also using EAC to power YouTube 360 playback, we really hope to help in propelling EAC as the future standard. Once more tools start to support EAC, we will be able to skip this conversion step altogether and save even more time since no reprojection is needed."

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    @katesmith1304 obviously a Hitfilm forum recommends Hitfilm. Express is free. Download link is "Store" at the top of the page. 

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    Any updates to this topic. Other pages have suggested that HitFilm is great for 360 files, but can it import files from my new GoPro MAX ? and how do I try it, the free trial for express + 360 tool kit does not allow me to activate.

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    Im wondering about updates as well. I bought the gopro max in november. Couldnt get go pro software to work... was hoping hitfilm might do the job, but obviously theres a compatibility issue still. In house Go pro software doesnt even seem available to download now.... any news?