Indiana Jones opening scene idea help

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Hi guys and gals,

New Real Estate project in the works.  I am working on an Indiana Jones opener using existing footage from the movie and trying to figure out the best way to do a face replace scene.  As of late, there are a number of external programs that do face swaps and Id like to attempt this in Hitfilm.  I've done it before with Ironman and other clips but this one may be a bit complicated.  I can use face tracking and then add my footage but just wondering if anyone has any thoughts on this, even if it means using other tools to accomplish.  Ultimately, I will be using Hitfilm to to all the editing but anyone have any input?

I will be green screening the star, my Broker and using the boulder scene from the Raiders of the lost ark.  The idea is that he is stealing a statue like the movie but its an award and getting on a plane after the chase scene to make it to the award ceremony.   Open to suggestions, ideas and tips.  GO.....