Duration Problem

Hello. I have a problem about video duration. My video's lenght is "33:25:00" but when i export my video i see "33:18:01". Yes i tried to export "contents" and "in-to-out area" but still i saw "33:18:01" It looks like hitfilm express ignoring my edits.


  • TheBenNorris
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    @evadarr could you provide a screenshot of the timeline if possible? Although it is probably not related, it would also be useful to know your machine specs.

    Other than that, I would only suggest what you have already tried: make sure your timeline/composition settings are as you expect, and that you are exporting the correct timeline.

  • [Deleted User]
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    Does the framerate of the timeline match with the framerate of the export? E.g 24 FPS constant doesn't have to be 23.976 Make sure those are 1:1.

  • Triem23
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    @CNK has likely hit this on the head. The durations you report are the exact error for a 29.97/30 or 23.97/24 framerate mismatch. 

    The difference is 1 frame every ten seconds, or 6 frames/min. 

    A 23.97/24 mismatch is off by 1 second every four minutes. 

    A 29.97/30 mismatch is off by 1 second every five minutes.

    So, for a 33 minute video, I'd expect either 6 or 7 sec drift. We do.