Template composite shots

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I just have a question for which I think I already have the answer but might as well double check.

If I save a composite shot as a template with published properties, it works fine in the editor timeline - I can edit the properties - but not in a composite shot .


Is this something that can't be done or am I doing something wrong when I'm saving the template?

PS: first post on the forum and I would like to thank everyone that has contributed to this huuuge online resource, I have learned a lot from your posts!



  • mystman12
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    Bump. I'm trying to do exactly this. I have a text template that I want on top of a gameplay composite shot. Is there any way to have the text template be editable when inside a composite shot? When the text template is placed on the editor timeline I see a button that allows me to edit the text, but when it's in a composite shot it doesn't show up. It doesn't show up when the composite shot with the template is placed in the editor timeline either. This seems like it should be pretty obvious functionality to have, am I missing something?