Separating every single picture frame from a small video clip

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Hi all,

Can anyone help in finding a way to separate every single picture within a small video clip so as i can edit out each single element from the pictures and then putting them back together to once again form the video clip.

Example a guy is wearying a dark poller neck jumper and it rides up his neck. What i want to do is erase the jumper on his neck and bring back his skin color of his neck. This to be done on each of the pictures so that when all the pictures are put back together and the clip played, it will never be noticed that he had a poller neck jumper on. 


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    @zero_one_01 Easy Peasy!  Import the video clip into Hitfilm Pro or Express and drag it to the timeline (edit here if you need to isolate a specific section) then export it using the PNG sequence option.  Use PNG with Alpha if you think you will want to cut out a section (like sky) and leave it transparent there. This should automatically include the Alpha channel.  Export them into a folder you will recognize what they are and don't put anything else in that folder except replacing the PNGs after you edit.  Be sure to keep the name the same including frame numbering that will have been generated.  When done Use the import PNG sequence back into Hitfilm.  Drag that to the timeline and export in the video format you like.  I hope I explained that well enough for you to follow my rambling.  If not, ask again and myself or someone else can clear it up.

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    @tddavis has correctly described how to output image sequences. 

    But, before you start frame-by-frame editing in a photo editor, how thick is the fabric on the neck? If it's bulky, you'll not only have to color correct, you'll have to patch part of the background. 

    If it's thin fabric, this is something you should actually be able to do inside Hitfilm. 

    Tell us more about the length of the shot, what tools you were going to use to correct the color, etc. My worry is, if you do this frame by frame your selection with "jiggle" when you re-import the image sequence back into Hitfilm later.

    To fix this in Hitfilm, it's going to be similar to what you'd do in your photo editor - you'll need a mask around the fabric and color correction. In video we call tracing a mask frame by frame "rotoscoping." Search some YouTube tutorials on rotoscoping in Hitfilm. Consider spending the money on the Mocha add-on. Mocha can really make roto easier, and Mocha can generate 3D camera solves, so that's some useful power in that add on. 

    The Hitfilm process could be approached by masking a grade layer over the video, or using a duplicate video layer, masked to just the neck, then color corrected. 

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    Hi Triem23,

    Thanks for this information, i did manage to achieve what tddavis explained however i then saw the same as you have explained due to it would have been very painful to achieve my goal via a photo editor, so i decided to not remove the jumper around the neck.

    I also have seen a video of Mocha prior me just now reading your post. Indeed, what a nice piece of software that is, i was fascinated by it's sophisticated capabilities. The one video i saw was where a guys eye looked at the camera  and was not a professional act by him and so Mocha WOW did a great job that could never be noticed. Indeed, a very good piece of software and i already am considering such.

    In any case, back to the jumper i have decided to put a word (Police) on his jumper across his upper chest and make it look like a Police top that he is wearing and not worry too much about the jumper up his neck.

    Therefore i am now contemplating this as we speak. What i am faced with is the guy begins to turn and face the camera and therefore the image (Police) will have to turn along in contour to finely show the image (Police) in full clear view  as apposed to whilst he is turning to become fully facing the camera. Meaning the word Police will obviously not be quite readable due to he is turning so as the word Police then eventually is straight enough to be read. Therefore any suggestions to achieving this will be appreciated. 

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    Hi all,

    Can any one help with my last post above.

  • zero_one_01zero_one_01 Website User Posts: 11 Just Starting Out

    Hi all,

    Just to say i have now found the solution to what i asked above, Mocha was correct to obtain.

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