HItFilm Express keeps saying there was an Error conforming 51 minutes of audio

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I don't know why but in my videos of raw footage it can Upload over 50+ minutes of audio in the footage which I record with OBS yet it can't import a 51 minute audio from Audacity I don't know whats going on can anyone help me?


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    @KquarGamingYT It sounds like your export settings in Audacity have something set that Hitfilm does not like.  You might download a free program called MediaInfo from the lnk I pasted and run it on one of the OBS and the Audacity files and generate a text report for each and paste it here so some of the file gurus can spot a difference.  Also, I use a free program called XMedia Recode to export MP4s and, so far, they have worked well with Hitfilm. Also, I have been able to get smaller MP4 file sizes with it.

    Here is a tutorial on using MediaInfo:


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     @tddavis Thank you so Much My audio Format on OBS is AAC LC which I'm sure you know what that means, and my audacity file is MPEG Audio so I'm going to try switching it to AAC LC like my OBS has it as, thanks once again for the help!

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    @KquarGamingYT I'm glad you saw a difference there in formats.  No, I'm no tech whiz I have no idea what those formats are,  but I did learn a little about troubleshooting so I approached it from that angle.  Sheer luck that I guessed correctly there must be a difference in the two files.  :)

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    If i recall, Mpeg audio l2 isnt supported in Express due to licensing fees. Is this the format youre getting from Audacity? 

    AAC LC should work just fine, but while editing .wav is preferred. AAC is more of a delivery format. I would rather edit lossless audio from lossy source instead of adding 3 layers of compression in the workflow Audacity -> HitFilm -> YouTube/w/e service youll want to use.

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    @CNK Thank you, also For some reason the audio frames stop playing in both the editor and trimmer for no reason, and it messes up the audio clip is there any fix for that?

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    If you have the audio isolated in Audacity then write it out as a .wav file and import that into HF.

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