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Lately every time I open Hitfilm, I get a pop up telling me that hitfilm has discovered an unsaved project, then lists the project it is referring to. I select the project, it opens, with a file name like "blah blah.hfp-Recovered" then I save that project out immediately. Either with a new file name, or overwritng the actual file name of the project it is referring to.

When I open hitfilm the next time, I get the same popup every time, referring to the exact same file.

I would have thought that saving the file would have corrected the popup window on the next launch?

Is this a crazy bug? On a second note, the original file in question, to the best of my knowledge, was never NOT saved before closing out the software. I am a habtual saver of files from being burned in the past :)


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    Where are you saving the projects too? 

    Also how are you closing Hitfilm when your done?

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    @jamieoxenham this is not a bug and is by design, and a severe improvement over how the autosaves used to work. If you save an autosave from the dialog that comes up (or from the File->Recover Projects window) that autosave will be removed. If you open the auto save and then save it, that is a different behavior, since at that point a user could have made all manner of changes and still want the original autosave. When the dialog was improved, the focus was on ensuring that autosaves were not deleted automatically at any point where a user may not want that.

    If you do not want an autosave, you can select one from the menu and click delete auto save.

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    Sweet! Thanks for the reply! I can continue on, without fear! lol!

    Thank yo very much :)


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