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25 and no experience with filmmaking but it’s something I’ve been passionate about for years. I’ve worked with photography here and there but always wanted to make my own short film or some kind of documentary. Really not sure where I would be begin whatsapp web. I’m not necessarily trying to make a career out of it but wouldn’t be upset if it turned into that either. Anyway, I’d pretty much just like to start with getting a camera to shoot/document my own stuff. Any suggestions on camera and editin192.168.0.1g programs or anything else really would be hugely appreciated! Thanks !!




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    @charlizesen1 considering you're posting on a forum designed for discussions about a very specific piece of editing software, I think our suggestions would be obvious.

    Unless you're a bot, which seems to be the only users that post on the HitFilm forum without knowing about HitFilm.

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    Imo all filmmaking related inquires and discussions belong here, but maybe thats just me.

    A few exceptions that i can think of are discussions related directly to other editors. My way of thinking is

    "Why hasnt this bug been fixed yet in DaVinci?"

    Is not appropriate, where as

    "What other editors do you use?"

    "What can FXhome software do better than others [vice versa]?"

    Is appropriate, just to give a few examples.

    Other editors regularly come up here, as well as daws and dedicated animation and model tools as well.

    There can never, ever be 1 tool thats good at everything, its not within the realm of possibility. However 1 tool can be preferred over another due to workflow differences where the user thinks 1 is better than 2, and so on, leaving optimisation and software differences aside. E.g Apple has forced QuickSync on their editors, which means that Final Cut or iMovie will likely be the preferred choice for Mac users given how overpriced they are. Checked the US store just now, 4:1 in Componenta premium to Windows, so most of the users will have low to mid end hardware. But not to go too off topic.

    This leaves us the question, real or not: HitFilm is a very powerful and capable tool, if you have not picked a starting editor yet, then you cant go wrong by choosing it.

    A huge bonus are the amount of helpful and experienced people here in different areas of the whole filmmaking process (and now Photo, and maybe dedi animating in the future), that are willing to help even with complex issues should they arise. In short, youre in very good hands here, or to anyone else that came across this thread later on. :)

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    This has been said before but since you asked.

    The camera is not as important as the content. Start with your smart phone. The integrated cameras are just as good as many costly video cameras when you are just starting and not trying to sell your work.

    Get HitFilm Express (it is free!) Just click the "Store" button on this page.

    Create your project - what story do you want to tell? Capture your video and or still photos.

    Start making your film in HitFilm.

    Ask questions right here on the forum.

    Have fun, if it seems like a lot of hard work, then it may not be for you.


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    Hitfilm E -Free

    DaVinci Resolve - Free

    Blender - Free

    Grab em all and see what you like, you cant go wrong there, I/We like Hitfilm, others like Resolve or Blender, tastes may differ, but you can get/try them all for free. All the same, as TheBenNorris said, it Is somewhat odd  to come to the Hitfilm forum and ask what software we recommend.

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     Bizarre, obviously a bot, but it really is a link to Facebook.

    Mind you I didn't click it, but I copied it into site check and sure enough it really was straight to

    I don't get these pointless bots that keep popping up.

  • This is an art that few can cover, if you are a person with a lot of time and you are really going to dedicate yourself to this, it is perfect, first you must have extensive knowledge to be a filmmaker, you have to know pre-production (script, script , scenery and props), production (locations, content management) and last but not least, post-production (the final assembly of all the work done for weeks). I am a filmmaker and I really love my work but it is exhausting;). A few days ago I saw a sensational documentary by Cinecalidad that I recommend you watch because it talks a little about the production process of a movie.

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    Looks like this one might be a bot breeding ground. The last couple posts have suspicious links, and even the OP now has some strange links that I don’t think were there originally. 

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