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LIFE UPDATE 101: What's new in my life? Its been an interesting road with a lot of twists and turns since I graduated last year in August with an AAS 3D Animation degree. Soon after I graduated it was time to look for experience. I came across several freelance gigs that were very possible to do. But I only got nibbles and all of them fell through. By this time many would think did he give up. Did I give up? No of course NOT! It only made me fight a little harder to find something that I was truly passionate about. Almost a month went by....still nothing until I joined a Facebook group with a slim possibility of finding some kind of animation gig. I found an AD that said we are making a game, we need animators and riggers. I was skeptical at 1st but fast forward to today I am learning so much with amazing people all around the world, creating unique content, and waking up to 99+ unread messages! LOL. In the near future....we are releasing a Kickstarter videogame Made with Unity. Multiplayer by Multiplay.

Greater Powers, upcoming Skyship fantasy epic MMORPG. Releasing with Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 and on Steam.

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    Thanks for sharing and best of luck to you in your future projects.

    I went the other way, from features to live TV to working for a school. The stress is much lower but i still miss it. Nowadays i treat it as a hobby and its worked out better for me. That said i was not working with vfx in any capacity, so kind of off topic I suppose, haha.

    Like you said, joining a group or just doing something to show your commitment and skills is how i started. Its definitely the way to go for any aspiring filmmaker or in your case to get to animate for a game engine as well. Cool stuff!

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    It was very interesting to get acquainted with your life, good luck.

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