If I upgrade my Hitfilm Express version does it save my projects

ColinDyckColinDyck Website User Posts: 3

uh so I want to upgrade to the newest version of Express, but I have a lot of important projects I'm working on and still need to finish. In order to upgrade I need to uninstall my most recent version of hitfilm. If I do that and upgrade the newest version will all my projects still be saved?


  • triforcefxtriforcefx United StatesModerator, Website User Posts: 1,060 Moderator

    The projects are simply files on your computer. Just like an image or Word document, they do not delete when you update or remove the programs you use to view them. 

    Something to keep in mind is that when you save your old projects in a new version of HitFilm, they are NO LONGER COMPATIBLE with any prior versions, even the version you initially created them in. Because of this, it’s good practice to save a test version of the project for the new version of HitFilm just in case there is a major issue converting the file to the new HitFilm version.

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