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Just downloaded Hitfilm Express 14 and wanted to experiment with the free version. Everything I've read says that hitfilm supports most video file types, but when I go to import a video, the only options I get are .hfp and .vegfx files. Is it just that these are the only file types the free version supports? Or am I doing something wrong? If I have to buy a pack, that's fine, I just want to know that what I'm buying will work with my mp4 videos. Thanks!


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    @z0mb13z If you are trying to import an mp4 file, you DO NOT have to buy any add on packs. .mp4 files can be imported into the software in a couple of ways:

    If your are using a windows computer, this might help:

    You want to press the new button (the open one is for opening Hitfilm Projects) then this will bring up your new project settings, then you want to press ok, then it will create a new project with the viewer, the timeline and several different tabs for doing different things. In order to import your video you can drag your file from the file explorer into the media tab, another method of importing mp4 files into Hitfilm is by pressing the import button (not the triangle arrow thingy next to it ) this should bring up your file explorer and you then locate your video and press the open button. This should then import the video into the media tab. 

    I hope this helps, If you have anymore questions I would be happy to try and help you further!   :-D

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    z0mb13z I don't know if this will help you or not.  I made this on the fly with Pro 14.1 but the process is exactly the same with Express. media to Hitfilm.mp4?dl=0

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    You are trying to Open, not Import. The two are entirely different commands.

    Open is used to open a project file, which, as mentioned, can be in .hfp (HitFilm Project), or .vegfx (VEGAS Effects project). You must either create a new project or open an existing project before you can do any work in HitFilm.

    Once you are in a project, then use the Import button in the Media panel to import whatever files you want to use in that project.