HitFilm Express slow motion problem

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First - sorry for my English...

So, I have a problem. I have few video clips from my go pro 5. I recorded in 60 FPS. I making new video and drop my clips on timline. I making project in 30 fps 1080p. When I would make slow motion I have bad frame rate its poor, so poor... When I change Clips proporties from 60 fps to 30 fps and put on timline its okey.

I used all effect for speed, but doesnt work... I dont know where is the problem. I made speed/duration, but to not working = tears frame.

Here is screen: https://ibb.co/0D0n6F4

P.S its okey, when I made only slow motion to one clip, what I must can, when I need make speed ramping?
For example 5 sec slow 10 sec normal?

Thanks for help!


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    @damiankrzemien_fit I have moved your discussion to the express forums, since your question relates to express. There are known problems with the speed and duration tool currently, and there are countless threads on the forum discussing this. There is currently an update being planned that should hopefully have a fix for this bug.

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