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I have friends who recently did a show at a comedy club and the performance was captured on video. They want to sell access to the video of the show (digital only, not DVD), but they don't know how to do this and asked me for help. I've never done this before, so I thought some people here on the forum may have experience with this and can offer suggestions.

We thought about YouTube, but a) YT takes a very large percentage of the sale price and 2) from what I've been able to research, they require you to have a ton of subscribers to your channel in order to sell video access - my friends do not have any YT followers at this point.

I've looked at online video hosting websites, but they require a monthly fee ranging from about $99/mo to over $500/mo, depending on the package selected. Since we're looking at probably a small number of sales, at only $5-10 each, paying that kind of monthly fee is not an option.

So I've thought about selling through their website, using a WordPress plug-in such as "Easy Digital Download" or something similar. This seems very doable and the price is right (they only have to pay the small PayPal or credit card fees), but my concern is that there doesn't seem to be any way to watch the video without downloading it, and since the file will probably end up being many 100s of MB (if not into the GBs - I don't know yet how long the video is or the file size), how can people who want to watch this on their phones or tablets do this? They may not have the space on their devices to download the file, or want to spend the time downloading such a large file.

Is there a solution that would enable people to watch without downloading (like YouTube)? Or is downloading  what people normally do? How would YOU go about selling access to a video? Any suggestions or advice is greatly appreciated!



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     This forum is generally geared towards filmmaking, not legal processing. In my country, i wouldnt be able to legally sell something like that without going through the event organizer and any crew im with. Thats because in order for me to own the video assuming everything else went well, means that i also had to have been the person who pressed the button to record, meaning even if i own the camera, its not legally my content unless that requirement is met. Contracts get around this, but those are going to have requirements to meet as well, its a process...

    I used to be a camera op for music live events and honestly, just hearing about the legal process was headache inducing, not even including copyright, i filmed live for about 40k, online audience only.

    For best advice on how to proceed, i would consult someone that has done it before that lives in your area, good luck!

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    Thank you for your comments, CNK. We are assuming that they have the legal rights to sell the video as the venue provided them with the files, but it is a good idea for them to check it out to be sure. 

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     @BarriHyt Please don't link to online casinos from here. 1) We're a video forum, so that was super off-topic. 2) We've got young'uns, so let's keep it kid-friendly.

    Depending on the Staff member or Moderator who sees such links, and account can be deleted/banned for spamming. In this case you've had enough forum visits and your prior post was on-topic, so I don't think you're a bot. Just a human who stepped an inch over what we do here. :-)

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