Composition Instance scaling does not work as expected in HFE14

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Hello, today I updated to HFE 14.1.9713.52946 and I found this problem:

  • Start a new project in HF Express 14
  • Create:
    - a new  Composite Shot 1 and set its length to 1 second
    - a color plane 
    - another new Composite Shot 2 and set its length to 1 minute.
  • Go into Composite Shot 1 and insert the color plane. Add two keyframes on the plane's opacity channel to make it fade in along the composition.
  • Go into Composite Shot 2 and insert Composite Shot 1.

Then try:

  • Play or scrub in Composite Shot 2 to see how the composition creates a fade effect. OK
  • Now set the Speed of Composite Shot 1 instance to 200%.
  • Play or scrub in Composite Shot 2 and the fading stops too early. It looks like the scaling does not apply to the clip's keyframes, but that the keyframe transition simply stops at the middle (?).

This gif demonstrates the problem: 


  • The problem occurs only with Composite Shots inside composite shots and the keyframes of the nested compo.
  • The problem occurs only if the instanced Composite Shot is shorter or equal 1 sec * scaling. So for a scale of 200% the problem disappears if Composite Shot 1 is 2 seconds or longer. For a scale of 300% the shot needs to be 3 seconds, etc. 

I am pretty sure that it worked before, as I used this method to fadeout scenes a lot in the past.





  • TheBenNorris
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    @draxus there are a few known issues with altering speed/duration in HitFilm currently, and this has been discussed a few times on the forum recently. We are looking at fixing it for a future release. In the mean time, does this directly impact your workflow, as we may be able to find a work around that works for now?

  • draxus
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     @TheBenNorris Thanks for your reply. It is not ideal, but for the moment I can use a workaround. Good to know that you are aware of it and that it will be fixed in future releases. :)