Candle Light

Hello all,

We are currently working on a small, animated, project, where we will need a bunch of candle lights.

Is there a way to make a nice candle like effect in HitFilm Pro?

I tried importing some stock footage of a candle light, and it works fine. But we will need a lot of them in the same scene, so something like a particle rendered version would be nice for the variation.


  • tddavis
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    @Marsupilami I think, if I recall correctly, Hitfilm Pro will let you use a video as a particle.  I don't know the mechanics of it but perhaps @Triem23 can fill you in if I am correct.

  • AxelWilkinson
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    You can indeed create an animated texture for a particle effect. Import your candle and get it set up in one composite shot, then create a second composite shot and add in your particle effect, and the candle comp.

    In the particle controls, at Emitters > Emitter > Particle Systems > Appearance you will set up the texture.

    Texture Source: Layer
    Source Layer: select the candle comp
    Frame: Animated

    Then set the Start Frame and Number of frames to whatever bit of the candle comp you want the particles to use.


  • Hobbesvfx
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    @Marsupilami In your case you can duplicate the candle light footage a few times on the timeline and start each layer of the same footage at a different time. So you will get a lot of variations.