Organising video clips

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I've searched for a tutorial to take a series of clips and organise them into a composite shot, but I'm having trouble finding one; could someone please point me in the correct direction?


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    HitFilm only lets you make a composite shot out of 1 source. A workaround would be to edit the clips you want to use, render them out as 1 and import that source and make a composite out of it. Am I understanding you correctly?

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    You can drag as many clips from the media panel into a composite shot timeline as you want, and you can, in theory, sequence them in the comp by placing them one after another. The editor timeline has a much more comprehensive toolset for editing that sort of thing, though.

    The Editor is designed for sequencing clips, while composite shots are built around the concept of a vertical stack of layers, for compositing.

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    @AxelWilkinson I was thinking about this one and the reasons why it might be good to have the option to select multiple media types on the editor timeline and make a new comp. Tricky to do, but what if there was an option that when you pre-render of a number selected parts of the timeline that are in consecutive sequence which then allows them to become one and made into a comp? This way you could add an effect across many shots, but then why would you... .hmmmm not sure.