[ANSWERED] Depth of Field? CS:GO Fragmovie

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So I am making a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive fragmovie and I am working on depth-of-field... I follow all of the steps and use lens blur for the depth of field, but the blur is inverted, I try inverting the colors on the Depth of Field layer but the blur doesn't change... Is there a different blur plugin I need to use or did I do something wrong?

Answer: Set Focal Distance to 0


  • Oh, thank you very much for sharing this ! I've been playing on low ranks (silver) and I got a lot of really beautiful demos, and now I wanted to make a cool fragmovie. Your tutorial is very useful for me. I have a couple of demo's with aces on low ranks. I've been destroying everyone on that rank, and it's pretty strange that I couldn't raise my rank. I was really upset, but one of my friends recommended me eloboss.net, and thanks to these guys I got a really nice rank! Finally, I feel like I have some really equal opponents

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    I always disable such graphics settings. They only get in the way.