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I stumbled on a video this morning that made me realize that the 24th Century tech on Star Trek TNG (and all shows forward) is becoming reality. The concept on each Star Ship is to be able to access any system anywhere on the ship, as well as integrate data between all other Federation Starships, Star Bases and Star Fleet H.Q.
It has been suggested, in several instances over the past 40 years, that the communicator used by Captain Kirk is what inspired what we now call the cell phone. Starting with mobile phones that needed the power from a vehicle to operate and ending up in your hand and communicating with anyone, any time, any where you go.
With the advent of the 'pad' technology we saw leaps forward in networking systems that revolutionized the ability of doctors being able to communicate instantly with another doctor in another part of a large hospital facility. More than the cell phone, at the time, it could also transmit patients charts, x-rays, etc.
It is my contention that when young minds see these ideas played out in television and movies, the eventually figure out a way to make it happen. So what was once a 'special effect' on a sci-fi television series becomes reality before our eyes.
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