Weird camera effect under low light conditions...

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I´ve got a Lumix FZ300 camera, 4K shooting, great quality. But I´ve been noticing a really strange effect under low light conditions which is a ghost/butterfly effect that is really strange. The effect is messing up all my recordings, making them unusable...

Here is an example: (Iso 800; f2.8; shutter speed of 1/50; 4K 23.976 FPS)




Does anybody know how to solve the issue?



  • triforcefx
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    So here’s a few ideas. It might be related to:

    Bitrate: these artifacts remind me a lot of a low bitrate video. Maybe try cranking your bitrate up if possible

     Built-in noise reduction: if your camera has this feature, try turning it off

     Shutter speed: while in theory your shutter speed is fine, try cranking it as high as you can go. Also make sure it’s not automatically adjusting during capture


     If you can’t find the problem, then the way to get around this is to fake it. Light the scene as best you can while attempting to reduce light reflections and glare and bright spots. Shoot how you normally would, then bring the colors and brightness down in post

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    @triforcefx; Thank you for your response,

    When referring to bitrate, I´m shooting 4K 100mb/s 24 fps

    About built-in noise reduction, I tried turning it off, but the weird effect continued...

    Shutter speed: Changing it fro 50 till 300 makes no difference.

    I discovered, that the effect is very similar to a very sharp motion blur. But I tried this: When shooting with the same format, config, calibration e.t.c in 1080p, same framerate, the effect DISAPPEARS. Any guess about why this is happening?