Bricktain's Got Talent : Final

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This was my entry for the final of the  Bricktain's Got Talent contest run by an animator called Gold Puffin.
Can't believe what he did. It's unforgiveable and got me disqualified...

I think I should have used a red background.


  • Triem23
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    (I thought of a blue screwdriver.....)

    Funny, funny! "You don't get to talk!" HAH!

    Now I have to ask if the "got...disqualified..." is referring to the plot of this video, or something in the contest?

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    @triem23 It's a little complicated.

    I knew the result of this mind-reading act wouldn't be as positive as the last one. I knew a lot of people would NOT say Red Hammer. I had to add something which took that into account so I filmed what would happen if/when  it didn't work. 
    The final show was done as a livestream so I wondered if I could have the people on the stream answer the questions as the act was going. I made the video about a month before the stream so wanted to anticipate how people would answer. I hoped a few people would say Red Hammer while others answered something else. 
    Ideally somebody would say 'no... he's wrong' at the same time as the audience in my video reacted the same way.
    I'd already contacted the contest owner to say "Look, I have an act BUT the only way it will work is if my act is disqualified"... and that's exactly what happened 

    It sort of  worked but the timing was a little off. 

    <edit> the whole idea came from a comment on the audition stream where somebody posted something like "This isn't mind-reading. It's just a trick" ... which is brilliant considering this is a 2" piece of plastic that is performing the act. 



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    @DafterThings That's great that the audience watching is so invested in the character that they forget it's just a character! Great job! :)