How to delete some Filmstro Pro themes?

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New Filmstro Pro user here, with 2 closely-related questions:

1. If you DON'T check the box "Would you like to download the full library now and automatically download future tracks?", how can you selectively download SOME tracks/themes?

2. If you DO check that automatic download box, it downloads all the themes, which looks like it's going to be tens of GB, many of which I will never use. How can you subsequently delete some?


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    @NickHope Since this is a HitFilm forum you may be waiting a while on an answer to your question.  You might be better served by contacting Filmstro support directly. In the meantime you could post your question on the Filmstro Community Group page: 

  • NickHope
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    Thanks. I did submit a support request with Filmstro yesterday after posting here. I'll try to remember to post any answer here. Thanks also for that Facebook link. Could also be useful.

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    You can select the tracks you want to download and it adds them to a download queue.
    I sometimes have to click the download button   couple of times before it changes to 'queued'

    Once downloaded look in the downloaded tab and there is a 'delete track' X button just to the right of the track.
    Apologies if I have missed something.

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