HitFilm now just randomly quitting without notice

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Hi guys,

Haven't had this problem in a while... Im on my laptop and running Hitflim, which is randomly quitting without any notice... I have not had any issues with my laptop before and this machine is very capable.  It handled all the 3d modelling i was doing for that millnenium falcon project.

I updated all the drivers, made sure everything was running fine. It is still happening.. The project i am working on is not using any compositing.  It only seems to crash when i go to play what is on my time line.  I save the project now often for fear of losing what i've done and then go to play... it pauses and quits...

Nothing has changed to my knowledge from when i wasnt having any issues but it now crashes consistently.  It doesn't even give me notice or a way to send the data dump to you guys for troubleshooting..

Any ideas....



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    Crashes without errors are usually graphics driver related. What's the specs of your laptop? If low, then even a few startup programs running in the background as well as some foreground are enough to fall below min if you're borderline min.

    Open task manager, start up tab (or system config if Windows 7), take a look at your startup programs that are enabled, do you need all of those running upon  Windows boot?

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    @LIFE_LEADERSHIP Could also be something weird with the codec for the video.  Does it crash in the same spot during playback or at random locations on the timeline?  Possibly consider transcoding to another format.  (Maybe only need to do that with the offending clip instead of all video sources)

    You might try  removing clips from the timeline one at a time, then try playback.  Let it crash, load the project again and remove another clip, let it crash (and so on).  Time consuming I know but it might be the best way to troubleshoot to locate what is causing the software to futz out.

    Or could be any combination of things.  Which version of HF?  

    As stated a few weeks ago I did a long edit in HF14 with multiple moves on stills, disparate video formats, and a lot of text.  Never choked on me once.   So it is either hardware or codec related IMHO.

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    Hey @stargazer Im working with tech support, Axel sent me a message... its a simple one video clip in mp4.. im working on it now and I do have the lastest Hitfilm update

    Ill keep you posted