Hitfilm Express 3 with some purchased addons: will I lose addons if I update to the latest version?

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I tried searching for an answer to my question, but alas... So, here goes.

I got Hitfilm Express 3 quite some time ago and activated it. I also purchased some of its addon packs at the time. I didn't use it for some time and recently decided to install it again for some video projects.

Every time I start Hitfilm I get this notice that there's a new version available I can update to. I would certainly want to of course but first I would like to know if I will lose the addon packs I have purchased for Hitfilm Express 3, or are they basically "upgraded" to the newest version and re-enabled after the update?

Thanks for your time.


  • alaska_vfx_filmer
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    Metalalbert, You can actually have Express 3 and Express (currently v15.1) on the same computer (at least on windows), I have HFE2, HFE4, HFE2017, HFE(v14.1 with some add-on packs), and HFP(v14.1), all on the same pc. If you go from HFE3 to HFE(v14.1) you will be issued a new (second) serial code for the current express modol, I think add-ons carry over, though I'm not positive, I'll tag @TheBenNorris to verify.

  • Triem23
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    You fit into a strange useage case.

    Since HF3 Express the add-on packs have been changed around a lot. So, every individual effect in your purchased packs will carry over to the newest version of Hitfilm, but you probably don't have any of the current "packs."

    I'm not certain how that works if you purchase current packs... If prior purchased effects "pro-rate," or anything. That might be a question for Support. 

  • AxelWilkinson
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    As @Triem23 mentions all the effects included in whichever add-on packs you purchased will remain available to you. Since the current packs are completely changed around and renamed, the Home screen won't indicate your purchases.

    For the current add-ons, the prices are not affected by any previous add-on purchases. So if you already own one of the effects in a given add-on pack, that doesn't reduce the price of the add-on pack in question.