Pro Color Grade with Free Software

In this video I show you how to grade your videos professionally using FREE software (Davinci Resolve Lite)!
Thanks for watching!


  • daydreambicycle
    daydreambicycle Posts: 15 Just Starting Out*
    Would you say it is better than Hitfilm's color grading tools?
  • MichaelJames
    MichaelJames Posts: 2,031 Enthusiast
    Its a million times better then HItfilm's color grading tools.  Resolve is a color correcting software first...  Hitfilm is still lacking some critical features in the color grading game... like Scopes and waveform.  Hitfilm is edging there and the plugins will allow a hitfilm user to get access to a more solid color grading base.  HItfilm does have some good tools though....