Rec2020 on Rec 709 timeline

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In FCPX I can select in the project Settings the color space (eg Rec 709 or 2020 HLG Wide Gamut). Also I can override in media settings the color space of the clip. This is useful if recording in HLG and then use a Lut (Leeming for example) to transform back to Rec 709. There a situations where this has advantages over using V-Log on the GH5.

In HF Pro I can select the color space so I assume it is REc 709. I also have not yet find a way to override color space. So therefore is it possible to edit HLG material and also use the Leeming approach. Or do I miss something here


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    HitFilm supports Rec 601, 709, 2020. Check what your scopes is set to. Alternatively set your project to 32 bit, if its set to 8 bit.

    E: Are you artifacting or banding?

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