HitFilm Express v14 crashes while watching a v13 .hfp in the Viewer

CommonSenseNow2020CommonSenseNow2020 Website User Posts: 1

So, I decided to update to HitFilm Express v14 today, 1/25/2020.  It did not go well.  After the install, I went back to editing my current video project that I started creating using HitFilm Express v13.   A few seconds into just watching the current project play in the Viewer, the HitFilm 14 application stopped and then eventually crashed completely.  I tried this several times and it seemed to crash more often on video transitions like linear wipes. Anyway, I have uninstalled v14 and I am backup and running properly on v13.  Did anyone else have a similar issue when installing v14?


  • tddavistddavis Moderator, Website User Posts: 3,924 Moderator

    @CommonSenseNow2020 I, personally, haven't had issues with 14 but I have read that the specs to run Hitfilm were bumped up with its release.  Many users that previously had no issue with 13 are finding their machines struggling or crashing with 14.  The most significant spec change that I can recall off hand is it used to require an Intel 4000 graphics now it's a 5000, but of course that's only if you're using onboard and not a dedicated card.

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    Be sure to update your system completely... OS and GPU especially

     For your GPU, be sure to grab the drivers directly from the manufacturer site, not Windows update

     (if you’re on Mac, you won’t have this option)

  • AxelWilkinsonAxelWilkinson Staff Administrator Posts: 5,224 Staff

    Is it just the one project exhibiting this issue, or do other projects created in HitFilm 13 show the same problem? What about projects created from scratch in version 14? Did you submit the crash report to FXhome, when the crash occurred?

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