Hitfilm Express on two Computers

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Hi! Just found out I can't run an old version of Hitfilm Express (version 8) on my Trusty Legacy Mid 2009 Macbook Pro while simultaneously editing in Hitfilm Express 14 on my Family Relative given super nice 64 bit Windows 10 Toshiba Satellite Laptop. FxHome firmly told me to deactivate one of 'em.  So.....goodbye my little Mac Baby. I've got to move on with my life and Videography.


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    @DesignerTJP I suspect that is because Express 6 and above all share the same license serial as it technically is the same install.  Now, you should be able to install any version 2017 and before that you previously had activated.  (The installers are available on your account page where you will deactivate the Mac version.) BUt I caution this is ONLY for versions that show you had them activated on that page as new serials cannot be generated.  Hope this helps you out.

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    While this method is a little “hacky”, you could create a second account with a separate key for the new system. The big catch (and the reason why this method isn’t officially supported) is that your addons won’t move over. 

    As a side note, if your old Mac can run version 8, it could probably run up to version 11. To be honest though, I’m surprised that anything from the 2000s could run a relatively recent version of HitFilm. Maybe it would be best to just stick to the new computer for the speed alone :)

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    The HitFilm Express license allows you to activate the software on a single computer at a time. if you need multiple simultaneous activations, HitFilm Pro allows for up to three simultaneous activations per license.

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    Hi! Thank you all for your courageous comments to help me out! Guess we'd better listen to what Staff Man Axel said, and leave the situation alone for awhile. My PC Toshiba Laptop ain't so bad runnin' HF 14 at almost twice the speed of my old Mac (that's currently in the shop getting a loose ethernet port repaired). I'm off now to search my notifications panel to "turn it on". Had no idea Folks was responding to my concern since day one!