Unintended flickering on viewing window

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I have been given a new computer at work. I started working on some video, and noticed some constant flickering on the viewing window. This gif shows the issue.


I found two older posts with that issue. But it doesn't look like they solved them.



I deeply appreciate your help.


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    @DanielArroyo Just a shot in the dark, but it sounds like it could be refresh rate on the monitor.  You might try adjusting that.   Also make sure the gpu drivers are updated.  Sometimes the drivers installed on a "new" computer become outdated by the time you get the system.   Or, could be resolution set to something off kilter.

    Another guess/thing to try is turn off Hardware Decoding - File, Options, Render.   I doubt if that will fix it but might be worth a try.

  • Thank you. Will give those a try and let you know. In the meantime, I've updated the original post, the gif is there now.

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    One of my monitors only offers 60 Hz as refresh rate. The other monitor  Offers a maximum of 60 and then a few options: 25, 29 and 30 Interlaced, then 50 and 59 too.

    Both were at 60 Hz (the max possible) already. And the issue happens no matter what monitor I record on.

    Just updated both gpu drivers too.

    Looking into the other two right now.

  • The resolution on the monitor is the same I had been using in my other computer. Changed just in case, and nothing.

    Also turned off the hardware decoding without any luck. Thanks for the help though :)

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     I agree with previous comments in the threads linked.

    It's either:

    1. Variable framerate

    2. Specs below min req

    3. Graphics driver in non WHQL or far too outdated

    4. Corrupt files during installation, a reinstall may be in order


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    Good news, I have at least found a work around.

    Summarizing the situation:

    * I have two Sager laptops, one is a more recent version of the other one.

    * I use the same screen recording software in both computers. Same version and same settings.

    * When inserted into the editing timeline of Hitfilm, on the viewing pane, the screen recordings from the new computer flicker, the ones from the older one do not. This happens regardless of whether I record the screen of the laptop's monitor, or the screen from the external monitor I have.

    So it looks like it's something with the new computer hardware / graphics settings that I can't pinpoint. From above, I guess we could discard resolution and refresh rate. And Drivers.

    But, AT LEAST this worked: I changed setting in the screen recording software from MP4 format and Codec H264 to AVI format and Codec MPEG4. The flickering went away for all new recordings.

    Let me repeat, the old computer also had MP4 and H264 and the videos recorded there worked just fine.

    In summary this isn't a Hitfilm issue really. But if somebody else runs into the same  thing hopefully finding this will  help at least a bit.


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    having the same problem here.... aparently with videos recorded with OBS Studio...