[ANSWERED] Import videos/photos in to Mocha Hitfilm, and can you stabilize your footage in mocha?

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ive been watching some mocha tutorials lately and been looking on the mocha plugin for after effects. There were a few things that wasnt showing on mocha hitfilm. And i've turned on classic view for Mocha Hitfilm. So does Mocha Hitfilm have all the features as Mocha Pro?


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    Mocha  Hitfilm is nowhere NEAR Mocha Pro.

    Mocha Hitfilm feeds camera solves and roto splines into Hitfilm only, that's it.

    Mocha Pro adds object insert/removal, lens correction, stabilization, stereoscopic workflow, "Mega Plate" creation, and more. Mocha Pro can export data to other programs and formats (like sending a camera solve to Blender). 

    If you're thinking of the "Clipboard" that only works in Ae, no matter which version is run. The Clipboard is an Ae function, not Mocha. 

    Scroll down the Mocha 2020 product page for a version comparison chart. 

    Mocha Pro OFX plug in will ONLY work with Hitfilm Pro. 


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